Derek B. Bürger

Managing Partner

Derek B. Bürger
Geschäftsführender Gesellschafter

“Imagination is wonderful,
but the experience is even more wonderful.”
(Oscar Wilde)

Oscar Wilde has a point here: pure imagination alone neither ties the most important customers nor the best employees to your company.

Interpersonal relations are key to success, especially in sales.

Scientifically researched and explained phenomena such as “the multi-optional consumer” or “hybrid consumer behavior” have long left behind the sphere of b2c-marketing and have in the meantime become reality in daily b2b-operations, too. Products and services offered become more and more comparable for buying-decision-makers due to easily available, modern information and communication technologies. We know by today, that even in the rather collectively formalized decision-making processes in b2b-transactions it’s not rational considerations that lead the way to the decisive buying impulse. It is human emotion (being artificially rationalized afterwards).

Customer satisfaction alone does not say anything about long-term relation-quality. Top-expert for leadership, marketing and sales Paul Johannes Baumgartner even states:
“Satisfied customers mustn’t be loyal” and “Only those companies who achieve to really win and enthuse people, will persist”.

That’s where our consulting approach starts. We are the experts for tailor-made and productive solutions in relationship-management to your most important existing as well as potential customers. The same applies of course for relevant relations between people within your organization. Only truly elated employees succeed in enthusing your customers, instead of merely satisfying them.

About me:

Derek Bjoern Buerger (born 1967), Dipl.-Wirtsch.-Ing. (mechanical engineering) TH Darmstadt, Germany.
Over 20 years of international industry-experience at C-levels. Thereof 16 years with an in its sector leading international concern in the packaging industry with medium-sized, mostly self-contained structures. Since 2012 independent consultant. Joining gmk Konferenz & Individual Reisen GmbH as managing partner mid-2015.